Saltburn's independent bookshop


Can I order a book from you?

Yes! Please see my Services page.

Do you supply schools, libraries or community groups?

Yes. Please see my Services page.

Do you stock books by self-published authors?

Yes. I’m happy to talk to self-published authors about stocking their books.

Some guidelines:

Please email me at, attaching an image of the book cover and some information about your book. This should include a line or two saying what it’s about, its genre, and the suggested retail price.

I take books on a sale or return basis for three months initially, with the option to return them if they remain unsold. My commission is 30% of the book’s retail price.

If I turn your book down, please know that it’s nothing personal. I have limited display and storage space, so I need to believe your book has a good chance of selling in my shop before I agree to stock it. All shops are different, so this doesn’t mean it won’t be a good fit for another shop.

If I feel I can stock your book, I’ll reply to you within a month. If you haven’t heard from me after a month, please assume that Book Corner isn’t the right fit for your book. I used to reply to everyone, but I’ve become increasingly busy over the last couple of years, so this is no longer possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Books I’m currently considering:

Local interest and history

Novels (General Fiction and Crime)

Children’s picture books

Folk tales (especially collections with a local link)

Poetry from poets based in the North East and Yorkshire

Books I’m not considering at the moment (sorry – this may change!)

Science fiction and fantasy

Poetry from writers outside of the areas mentioned above

Memoir/Biography/Autobiography (unless there’s a strong local link)

Middle grade children’s books (chapter books)

Young adult fiction

Do you buy or accept donations of secondhand books?

No, sorry. I only stock new books.

Thank you.