Out of the Rubble


by Nicholls, Sally | Children’s, Teenage & educational
Published 06/01/2022 by OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS in the United Kingdom
Other | 144 pages

ISBN: 9780198494959 Category:


It’s early 1945, the War is nearly over and across the country, evacuees are returning home. Judy is excited to be back in London, reunited with her mum. But when she arrives, she finds everything has changed. Her house has been destroyed, her mum seems distant, and her dad is still away with the army. And all around her, London is different too: there are bombsites on every corner and the danger of war still looms. As Judy explores the city, she begins to see that the bombsites are more than just rubble. Can they help her to remember what her home used to be like? And will she ever be able to get her old life back? With themes of loneliness, family relationships, and finding out what home really means, award-winning children’s writer Sally Nicholls brings to life the experience of living through the Second World War.

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