Myths of Gods and Goddesses in Britain and Ireland


by Jacksties, Sharon | Society & social sciences
Published 18/08/2022 by The History Press Ltd in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 6 Illustrations, black and white

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Ancient deities have shaped the mythological landscapes of Britain and Ireland. Layer by layer, these tales of the ancient gods and goddesses make up the narrative bedrock of these islands. Throughout the ages this has been the meeting place of successive cultures, each bringing their own stories to glorify those beings with supernatural powers. Despite their immortality, these divinities and superhumans are nevertheless vulnerable, depending on the voices and memories of people to celebrate their wondrous exploits.

Here you will meet the all-powerful beings once revered throughout these lands. Elemental divinities of sky and earth, goddesses and gods in human guise, have escaped the confines of dusty encyclopaedias. Now you will come to know them by the stories of their deeds, famous and infamous in equal part.

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