Alexander the Great: Man, Myth or Monster?


by Gavin, Jamila | Ancient Greece
Published 07/03/2024 by Walker Books Ltd in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 256 pages

ISBN: 9781406353488 Category:


The compelling story of the greatest warrior hero of ancient times, from award-winning writer, Jamila Gavin.

Alexander the Great is hailed as the world’s greatest leaders of all time, renowned for his bravery, his loyalty and his generosity towards his enemies. Jamila Gavin’s vivid narrative brings the ancient world to life, as she follows Alexander’s campaign from Greece to India. From his taming of the wild horse Bucephalus, to the cutting of the Gordian Knot, through to his great battles and confrontations with Darius III, King of Persia, Alexander was a legend in his own lifetime. Alongside his campaigning feats, the legends from ancient Greece, Egypt, Persia and India told around the army campfires create a vivid and exciting picture of life under this great hero.

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