Introducing the Medieval Dragon


by Honegger, Thomas | Literature & literary studies
Published 15/09/2019 by UNIVERSITY OF WALES PRESS in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 144 pages, No

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The aim of this book is to explore the characteristics of the medieval dragon and discuss the different and sometimes differing views found in the relevant medieval text types. This study is based on an intimate knowledge of the primary texts and presents new interpretations of well-known literary works and also takes into consideration paintings and other depictions of these beasts. Dragons were designed not only to frighten, but also to fire the imagination, and provide a suitably huge and evil creature for the hero to overcome – yet there is far more to them than reptilian adversaries. This book introduces the medieval dragon via brief, accurate and clear chapters on its natural history, religion, literature and folklore, and concludes with how the dragon is constantly revived – from Beowulf to Tolkien, Disney and Potter.

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