All About Ella


by Nicholls, Sally, Coulson, Hannah | Children’s, Teenage & educational
Published 03/03/2022 by Barrington Stoke Ltd in the United Kingdom as part of the 4u2read series
Paperback | 64 pages

ISBN: 9781800901056 Category:


Sam is sick, and Ella is sick of Sam. Life seems to revolve around his hospital appointments, his medication and his need for peace and quiet. No one thinks about what Ella wants or needs, no one cares. They don’t even know what day she was born on. In the end, Ella decides she doesn’t care if Sam gets sicker, but when it happens, she finds she cares an awful lot….

A touching exploration of family love and the challenges of being a younger sibling, from multi-award-winning author Sally Nicholls.

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