Twice Cursed: An Anthology


by Gaiman, Neil, Hill, Joe, Pinborough, Sarah, Carey, M.R., O’Regan, Marie | Fiction & related items
Published 18/04/2023 by Titan Books Ltd in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 368 pages

ISBN: 9781803361215 Category:


BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FORTake a trip to a terrifying carnival and uncover the secrets within, solve a mysterious puzzle box and await your reward, join a travelling circus and witness the strangest ventriloquist act you’ve ever seen.

In this follow-up to the bestselling Cursed: An Anthology, you’ll unearth curses old and new. From a very different take on Snow White, to a new interpretation of The Red Shoes, the best in fantasy spin straw into gold, and invite you into the labyrinth.

Just don’t forget to leave your trail of breadcrumbs…

Featuring stories from:Joanne HarrisNeil GaimanJoe HillSarah PinboroughAngela SlatterM. R. CareyChristina HenryA. C. WiseLaura PurcellKatherine ArdenAdam L. G. NevillMark ChadbournHelen GrantKelley ArmstrongA. K. BenedictL. L. McKinney

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