Rivals in Love and War


by O’Sullivan, Dan | Myth & legend told as fiction
Published 26/03/2024 by Cranthorpe Millner Publishers in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 198 pages

ISBN: 9781803781877 Category:


One day, Hera, Queen of the Olympian gods, suggests to Aphrodite and Athena that they should each produce their own autobiography, since accounts by mortals never do them justice. The goddesses agree, thus creating a compendium of interlinked stories detailing everything from their interactions with various dubious mortals to their heated conflicts with one another. Rivals in Love and War offers a fresh perspective on three of the most-loved Greek goddesses, offering a unique insight into their thoughts and feelings when faced with the events of myths and legends many of us think we know. Brimming with tragedy, humour, bitter antagonism and hopeful reconciliation, this novel offers readers a rare glimpse into the minds of the gods.

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