Illustrated Welsh Folk Tales for Young and Old


by Stevenson, Peter | Interest age: from c 7 years
Published 15/06/2023 by The History Press Ltd in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 176 pages, 140 Illustrations, colour

ISBN: 9781803990972 Category:


Storyteller is storiwr in Welsh. The old word is cyfarwydd. And this book is a sneaky peek into a storyteller’s repertoire.

Meet the rowdy mermaids and drowned lands of Cardigan Bay, an ancient tree with a door into the otherworld, and the wise old toad who lives in Borth bog and knows everything. Discover a clever girl who transforms into a swan, the herd of fairy cattle who live beneath Llyn Barfog and an elephant who may or may not have died in Tregaron.

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