Ten Dates


Rachel Dove

Boldwood Books Ltd, 2023

Paperback, 282 pages

ISBN: 9781804836118 Category: Tag:


Callum Roberts and Alice McClaren have spent two wonderful years building a life and a home and making plans for a future together. But when Alice is involved in a car crash, Callum fears that he has lost her forever. As he sits by her bedside he promises he’ll do anything if only she’ll open her eyes. But when Alice does finally wake up, she has absolutely no memory of being in love with Callum or the life they once shared.

In fact, all she remembers about him is how incredibly annoying he once was! How can she have forgotten him if she really did love him so deeply? Callum is determined to prove to Alice that what they had was special, so he makes her a deal: he’ll recreate their first ten dates and make her fall in love with him all over again! Alice isn’t sure Callum can fill in all the gaps in their story. And what if going back to the start only means the end?