Love and Fury : Mary Wollstonecraft – Trailblazer. Fearless Thinker. Mother.


by Silva, Samantha (Author) | Fiction & related items
Published 20/01/2022 by ALLISON & BUSBY in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 320 pages

ISBN: 9780749027179 Category:


Now, Daughter, I’m to tell you a story to coax you into the world…’London, 1797. Mary Wollstonecraft awaits the midwife who will help bring her child into the world and support her through the uncertain days that follow. As Mary’s strength falters, she urgently weaves the tale of her life to bind her frail Little Bird close. Wollstonecraft’s life and writings broke convention, traversed Europe and vindicated the rights of women. Through triumph and loss, she blazed a trail and passed that legacy on to her child, the future Mary Shelley. Reclaiming the brief moment when the stories of mother and daughter overlapped, Love and Fury is a moving tribute to an influential thinker and a remarkable woman.

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