Secrets of a Rebel Rock Star


by Amoore, Nat | Interest age: from c 9 years
Published 15/06/2023 by Oneworld Publications (Rock the Boat) in the United Kingdom as part of the The Watterson Series series
Paperback | 352 pages

ISBN: 9780861545711 Category:


A story for music lovers about true friendship and finding your own beat.

Psst! Do you want to know a secret? Everyone thinks I’m just the guitar player in the school ROCK BAND. But I also have a musical talent that NO ONE (except my new best friend Flynn) knows about.

It’s finally time for me to step up and BE BRAVE…

Checklist for the craziest year EVER: Join a SECRET society

Take on the head teacher (GULP!) Put on the most SPECTACULAR show the school has ever seen!

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