Sea Change


by Nathan, Alix | Fiction & related items
Published 07/07/2022 by Profile Books Ltd (Serpent’s Tail) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 256 pages

ISBN: 9781788163507 Category:


‘Unsettling and strange, Sea Change, cements Nathan’s reputation as one of our most interesting historical novelists.’ The TimesAS HEARD ON BBC RADIO 4’I’ll be back soon, my love. Tonight, I hope.’The last Eve saw of her mother was a wave from the basket of a rising balloon. A wilful, lonely orphan in the house of her erratic artist guardian, Eve struggles to retain the image of her missing mother and the father she never knew. In a London beset by pageantry, incipient riot and the fear of Napoleonic invasion, Eve must grow into a young woman with no one to guide her through its perils.

Far away, in a Norfolk fishing village, the Rev Snead preaches hellfire and damnation to his impoverished parishioners and oppressed wife. Snead illustrates his sermons with the example of a mute woman pulled from the sea, over whom he keeps a very close watch indeed.

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