Ten Trails to Tyburn


by Graeme, Bruce, Norris, John | Fiction & related items
Published 31/10/2021 by Moonstone Press in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 286 pages

ISBN: 9781899000340 Category:


But Pierre could never know that in death Fame was his, for his was the second corpse.

When well known local vagrant ‘Peter the Hermit’ dies of seemingly natural causes, the police uncover an old Bulgarian newspaper and a beautiful bejeweled comb worth substantial money in his ramshackle hut in the woods. Before long, bookseller Theodore Terhune receives a series of five anaonymous short stories, each subtitled ‘Ten Trails to Tyburn’ that clearly aim to help Terhune (and the police) solve the mystery behind Peter’s death. A crime classic from 1944 back in print for the first time; the fifth book in the Theodore Terhune series.

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