Local Author Writes Book


Local Author Writes Book’ by Will Nett

Paperback, 152 pages

Sixth Element Publishing

ISBN: 9781912218370

16th June 2018

Thinking of writing a book? It’s not all chat shows, award ceremonies and copious amounts of booze – except for the copious amounts of booze.
Join My Only Boro author Will Nett as he deals with his stratospheric new-found success – he was on local radio, y’know – and embarks upon ‘difficult second book phase’.
Stuck for new subject matter, and holding down a series of menial jobs in order to collect new material, he becomes embroiled in a peculiar world of yo-yo dieting, backyard boxing bouts, and religious cults.
It’s a wonder he has time for punch-ups on the streets of Paris, upsetting Eurovision song contest winners, and arranging a parking space for potential Prime Ministers… but could he turn any of it into a book?

“Alan Bennett for millennials.”

“Watch out David Sedaris.”

“Will relentlessly indulges himself in his subject matter…be it busting ghosts, being punched out by bare-knuckle boxers, or thwarting his own kidnapping. Join the ride.”


Autobiography: General/Humour


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