Wild Card : How I Learned To Be A Friend, Have A Friend & Finally Love My Birthday


by Milnes, Martin | The arts
Published 12/03/2020 by Zuleika in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 352 pages, 8pp clr photos

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Martin Milnes was born in the wrong era – or at least that’s how it seemed. As a child he wore jazz-shoes to his junior school disco, expecting eight-year-olds to Mambo like the dancers in West Side Story … but childhood and school days were no Broadway musical. Martin was different – the cat who walked alone. Birthdays, stingingly empty, held a horrific reminder that he possessed no talent for friendship. Yet once Martin emerged on stage, the jeering turned to cheering; the lonely void was filled by Hollywood stars of yesteryear, worshipped from afar. When his world shattered, the stars were there for him; and this time in person. The last surviving veterans of a glamorous era extended their guiding hands. Centenarian swimming partners, D-Day hero drinking chums, and propositions from naughty nonagenarians became every-day normality – and the wisdom, understanding and truths which they passed on completely transformed Martin’s life, outlook and spirit.

At last, with their help, the Wild Card learned how to be a Friend – and realised what a Birthday truly represents. Not to mention, along the way, coming to terms with something which perhaps he should have recognised long ago…

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