Kitty and the Vanishing Act


by Harrison, Paula, Lovlie, Jenny | Children’s, Teenage & educational
Published 06/10/2022 by OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 128 pages

ISBN: 9780192784131 Category:


Kitty is a superhero-in-training with feline superpowers. She dreams of being just like her superhero mum one day, but she’s still got a lot to learn. Join her for a series of enchanting adventures by the light of the moon.

In Kitty and the Vanishing Act, Kitty is called on to investigate a disappearance. Magical double-act The Great Marella and Crystal the Poodle are in town performing their magic show at the Diamond Light theatre, but mid-way through a vanishing act Crystal fails to reappear. Can Kitty use her powers to track down Crystal and save the show?

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