A Telegram from Le Touquet : 124


by Bude, John | Classic crime
Published 10/03/2024 by British Library Publishing in the United Kingdom as part of the British Library Crime Classics series
Paperback | 256 pages

ISBN: 9780712355353 Category:


As he walked away from the phone there was a puzzled expression on Blampignon’s massive countenance. He was thinking: Le Touquet again!With some trepidation Nigel Derry approaches the country house of his enigmatic and unpredictable aunt Gwenny for an Easter holiday visit. After a tense few days in which her guests’ interactions range from awkward dinners to a knife fight, a disgruntled aunt Gwenny departs for Europe. Receiving a telegram from Le Touquet inviting him to join Gwenny in the south of France, Nigel finds himself on a vacation cut short by murder as a cold shadow of suspicion eclipses the sunny beauty of the Cote d’Azur.

Enter Inspector Blampignon of the Surete Nationale, whose problems abound as the case suggests that the crime may have occurred hundreds of miles away from where the victim was discovered. Undeterred, the formidable French detective embarks on a thrilling race to discover the truth in this rare and spirited mystery novel, first published in 1956.

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