Worst Week Ever! Thursday : 4


by Amores, Eva | Children’s, Teenage & educational
Published 04/01/2024 by Simon & Schuster Ltd in the United Kingdom as part of the Worst Week Ever! series
Paperback | 192 pages

ISBN: 9781398522008 Category:


Have YOU ever had a bad week? The hilarious new series taking the world by storm.  He’s dressed up like a clown on national TV, his worst enemy is stealing the limelight, and there’s definitely something weird happening with everyone’s cats! Justin Chase is having the WORST WEEK EVER!  At least he’s found a new BFF in international pop sensation, teen heartthrob and Justin’s name twin, Justin Chase, right? Maybe not… As a case of mistaken identity leads to a disastrous kidnapping and Justin forced to race against the clock (and the ferocious dog) to escape!   Monday was mortifying, Tuesday was tumultuous, Wednesday was wild, but now it’s… THURSDAY!  The fourth book in the hilarious new seven-part highly-illustrated series for fans of Tom Gates, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the Treehouse series. 

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