The Last Unicorn


by Beagle, Peter S. | Fiction & related items
Published 25/08/2022 by Orion Publishing Co (Gollancz) in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 320 pages

ISBN: 9781399606967 Category:


‘Charm, wit, and stylistic brilliance…. This is a novel that every writer should read and reread’ – Chicago News’If men no longer know what they are looking at, there may well be unicorns in the world yet, unknown and glad of it.’ Living in peace in her lilac wood, the Unicorn didn’t know the world had changed, or that anything had happened to the rest of her kind. Overhearing a chance conversation, she resolves to venture out and discover the truth. The road is dangerous, and the risks are great. If she fails, then unicorns will be lost. Forever.

A modern fairy tale, The Last Unicorn is a beloved classic, voted by TIME as one of the 100 greatest fantasy novels of all time. It is fantastical, poignant, wistful and wonderous, showing us the humanity of magic, and the magic of humanity. Available in the UK for the first time in decades, this edition features an introduction by Patrick Rothfuss.

‘At his best, Peter S. Beagle outshines the moon, the sun, the stars, the entire galaxy’ – Seattle Times’Truth and humanity shine out of the book as brightly as any of Beagle’s unicorns’ –

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