Lily Grim and The City of Undone


by Ruffell, Andy | For National Curriculum Key Stage 2
Published 11/05/2023 by Hachette Children’s Group (Hodder Children’s Books) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 300 pages

ISBN: 9781444969603 Category:


Lily Grim’s life is a mystery.

She has lived with her guardian Gabriel, in their rundown second-hand shop in the City of Undone, for as long as she can remember.

For years, the city-dwellers have lived in uneasy discord with The Others – a community of wanderers forced to shelter within the city walls, after they were driven from their nomadic camps in the wilderness. But Undone is a dark and dangerous place to live, especially if you’re an Other: feared for their special gifts, they are persecuted by the cruel Master of the City, and taken to the Ring – a prison from which few ever return. When the Master captures Gabriel and throws him into the Ring, Lily is saved by a young Other boy called Dekka. He introduces her to a whole Otherworld that exists beneath the City of Undone. To her astonishment Lily discovers she is an Other, too – with powerful gifts – and is now in grave danger: because the Master wants her dead. But why?Can Lily find answers about who she is, and where she’s from. And can the new friends rescue Gabriel, before it’s too late?

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