Idol Gossip: A K-Pop dream come true


by Young, Alexandra Leigh, Diberkato | Children’s, Teenage & educational
Published 07/04/2022 by Walker Books Ltd in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 352 pages

ISBN: 9781529502770 Category:


K-pop gets the Gossip Girl treatment when Alice Choy is catapulted into the life of a manufactured popstar at the elite Top10 Entertainment’s Star Academy.

When seventeen-year-old Alice Choy moved from San Francisco to Seoul, she left behind her friends – and the regular singing lessons she used to love. Now the only singing she does is karaoke with her little sister in Myeongdong. That is, until she’s spotted by a scout for Top10 Entertainment and invited to attend their Star Academy.

But sculpting herself into one-fifth of soon-to-be-launched K-pop group A-List is hard work. It’s rising at dawn for lung-crushing cardio, dancing drills and calorie controlled meals. It’s egos and rivalry and secrets lived outside of the public eye, because if A-list gets on the wrong side of a certain influential blogger and the anti-fans, then Alice’s dreams of being an idol might never materialize.

A debut novel about standing out and fitting in, dreaming big and staying true.

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