Polonius the Pit Pony


by O’Neill, Richard, Parker-Thomas, Feronia | Interest age: from c 3 years
Published 04/07/2018 by Child’s Play International Ltd (Child’s Play (International) Ltd) in the United Kingdom as part of the Child’s Play Library series
Paperback | 32 pages, 32 Illustrations, colour

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When Polonius the pit pony escapes from the coal mine he’s worked in all his life, he joins a family of Travellers. Although he enjoys the freedom and the fresh air that their lifestyle offers, he wishes he could give something back to the family in return.

When the chance arrives for him to do something to help, he rises to the challenge, and uses his intelligence and skills to save the day.

Based on true events and retold by a master of the oral tradition, this story bears witness to the Traveller values of independence, initiative, courage and hard work.

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