Merpeople : A Human History


by Scribner, Vaughn | Humanities
Published 10/08/2020 by REAKTION BOOKS in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 320 pages, 117 illustrations, 100 in colour

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People have been fascinated by merpeople since ancient times. From the sirens of Homer’s Odyssey to Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid to the 1984 film Splash, myths, stories and legends of half-human half-fish creatures abound. In modern times mermaiding has gained popularity amongst cosplayers.

In Merpeople: A Human History, Vaughn Scribner traces the long history of mermaids and mermen, taking in a wide variety of sources and 117 striking images. From film to philosophy, church halls to coffee houses, ancient myth to modern science, Scribner shows that mermaids and tritons are – and always have been – everywhere.

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