Monster Support Group: The Werewolf’s Tale


by Suarez, Laura, Suarez, Laura | Children’s, Teenage & educational
Published 04/05/2023 by Flying Eye Books in the United Kingdom as part of the Monster Support Group series
Paperback | 64 pages

ISBN: 9781838740894 Category:


Since the beginning of time, monsters have existed to frighten humans. We have known them in cinema or television, literature, urban legends and mythology, many are so ancient that we do not even know their true origin. But what if the stories about these so-called monsters only paint one side of them? What if these creatures are actually not as monstrous as they first appear?When twelve-year-old Lowell moves to a new village, he struggles to fit in at school – he is a bit different, and the bullies don’t seem to like different. Then the changes start. At first, Lowell thinks these are just the ordinary, growing-up kind of changes: he gets hairier, his voice gets growlier and his moods are all over the place. But then one full-moon night, after a VERY bad day at school, he transforms into a werewolf in front of his twin sister, Lys.? Join Lowell as he joins the Monster Support Group in an attempt to return to ‘normal’.

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