Green Hands : 7


by Whitton, Barbara | Fiction & related items
Published 13/08/2020 by Imperial War Museum in the United Kingdom as part of the Imperial War Museum Wartime Classics series
Paperback |

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It is 1943, and a month into their service as Land Girls, Bee, Anne and Pauline are dispatched to a remote farm in ruralScotland. Here they are introduced to the realities of ‘lending a hand on the land’, as back-breaking work and inhospitable weather mean they struggle to keep their spirits high.

Soon one of the girls falters, and Bee and Pauline receive a new posting to a Northumberland dairy farm. Detailing their friendship, daily struggles and romantic intrigues with a lightness of touch, Barbara Whitton’s autobiographical novel paints a sometimes funny, sometimes bleak picture of time spent in the Women’s Land Army during the Second World War.

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