by Karnoor, Maithreyi | Fiction & related items
Published 02/05/2023 by Neem Tree Press Limited in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 200 pages

ISBN: 9781915584038 Category:


Longing to connect to his ancestral roots, Cajetan Pereira has taken up residence near one of the rare and mystical Baobab trees in South India. Into his world walks Sylvia, a young woman in search of a story. They bond over their newfound relationship, until one day consumed by regret, Sylvia disappears. In a rich kaleidoscope of tales, Sylvia is glimpsed in the lives of other characters as a colleague, friend, wife and lover, until she comes back into focus as she finds herself becoming whole once more – but is it too late? Brimming with exquisite prose, Sylvia is a beautifully woven tapestry of the ways in which we leave indelible imprints on each other’s lives.

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