Folk Tales of the Night : Stories for Campfires, Bedtime and Nocturnal Adventures


by Salisbury, Chris | Fiction & related items
Published 02/11/2023 by The History Press Ltd in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 192 pages, 8 Illustrations, black and white

ISBN: 9781803990392 Category:


‘An enchanting treasury of magical tales handed down through the ages. Infectious and soul-stirring, these are stories crying out to be shared.’ – Ben Hoare, award winning wildlife journalist and nature nerdHave you heard the tale of Black Annis, the witch-demon that lurks beneath a Leicester housing estate? Do you know the legend of the Hunting of the Great Bear, or how the crow brought daylight? Why should you be careful to never insult the moon?Star stories and creature tales, good-old-fashioned ghost stories together with traditional narratives about how the night became kindle the fires of our imagination and deepen our acquaintance with the dark in this compendium of stories to tell out loud.

Filtered through the wild imaginations and indigenous tongues of storytellers from all over the world, this collection is rewritten and re-presented here by a master storyteller from the UK, who has been spinning nocturnal narratives around the campfire for three decades. This is a delicious midnight feast of ‘tales from the dark side’ to fascinate, terrify, enchant and inform about the night-time realm.

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