Saltburn's independent bookshop


Can I order a book from you?

Yes! Please see my Services page.

Do you supply schools, libraries or community groups?

Yes. Please see my Services page.

Do you stock books by self-published authors?

Yes. I’m happy to talk to self-published authors about stocking their books.

I take books on a sale or return basis for three months initially, with the option to return them if they remain unsold. My commission is 30% of the book’s retail price.

If I turn your book down, please know that it’s nothing personal. I have limited display and storage space, so I need to believe your book has a good chance of selling in my shop before I agree to stock it. All shops are different, so this doesn’t mean it won’t be a good fit for another shop.

Do you buy or accept donations of secondhand books?

No, sorry. I only stock new books.

Thank you.