How to Steal the Mona Lisa


by Walker, Bethany, Noel, Jack | Children’s, Teenage & educational
Published 03/03/2022 by Scholastic in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 240 pages

ISBN: 9780702314315 Category:


A funny art heist mystery that will steal your heart!

The country is gripped with Mona Lisa Fever! The Royal Family

has announced a huge reward for the return of a missing version of

the Mona Lisa, stolen from their palace over 200 years


But in the town of Colpepper, Mia has a different art problem:

she loves art, but her underfunded school is closing down the art

department! But there’s more to her school than meets the eye.

Little-known local legend has it that the historic building contains

a hidden vault, perhaps containing the Lost

Mona Lisa! So Mia has no idea that scheming criminals

are hiding among the school staff.

Meanwhile, Mia’s former-best-friend Jake has endless conspiracy

theories that always seem to get Mia in trouble. His latest ones

are about the headmaster being a lizard person,

and that maybe Mia’s parents are The Fish, a renowned art

thief who has never been caught.

True, Mia’s parents are acting strangely, taking evening courses

in acrobatics and dressing in tight, black jumpsuits. And lately

there have been a lot of weekend trips to art galleries all over

the country… bah! But that’s ridiculous!

Hilarious throughout and featuring a jaw-dropping twist at the

very end, this is the perfect follow-up to CHOCOLATE MILK, X-RAY


The story is told in emails, texts, notes and coded messages

between the various characters, and chock full of funny illustrations

by Jack Noel. And it has a shiny, metallic blue cover!

Perfect for fans of Louie Stowell’s Loki, Tom Gates,

Charlie Changes Into a Chicken, and Pamela Butchart’s books.

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