The Philosophy of Chocolate : 12


by Bilton, Sam | Society & social sciences
Published 19/10/2023 by British Library Publishing in the United Kingdom as part of the British Library Philosophies series
Hardback | 112 pages, 25+ Mono Illustrations

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What makes chocolate so alluring? Why is it the inspiration for endless culinary creativity? Sam Bilton explores our complex relationship with this versatile confection, which is made from the humble beans of the tropical cacao tree.

Divided thematically, the book moves between the ceremonial uses of chocolate and its reputation as an aphrodisiac, investigates its reputed health properties and poisonous possibilities. Other chapters reveal the darker side of its production in the Americas, through slave labour and exploitation of indigenous populations, as well as its commercialisation as a sweet treat in Western cultures, and chocolate consumption around the world.

This mouth-watering, illustrated book is rounded off with tasting tips and chocolate recipes to leave you feeling fully replete.

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