Roads of Destiny : And Other Tales of Alternative Histories and Parallel Realms : 43


by Richmond, Alasdair | Fiction & related items
Published 23/11/2023 by British Library Publishing in the United Kingdom as part of the British Library Tales of the Weird series
Paperback | 288 pages

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‘He spoke of a new kind of terre-mauvaise, of strange regions, connected, indeed, with definite geographical limits upon the earth, yet somehow apart from them and beyond them.’A poet comes to a fork in the road where three parallel destinies orbit the same violent fate; a child’s rebellious escapade to the city becomes a nightmare when the portal to return is nowhere to be found; rather than abdicate, Kaiser Wilhelm II leads the High Seas Fleet on a doom-laden final voyage.

Delving into the strange imaginings of Arthur Conan Doyle, Joyce Carol Oates, Sarban, Robert Holdstock and many more, this new collection brings together fourteen tales traversing uncanny collateral fates, weird eddies of alternative history, realms of Dark Fantasy and the unsettling otherworlds bordering our own reality.

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