Kimberly’s Capital Punishment


Richard Milward

Orion/White Rabbit, 2012/2023

Paperback, 512 pages

ISBN: 9781399602471 Category: Tag:


‘I found the eyeball fifteen minutes before I found the rest of him.’Having moved to London with her athletic boyfriend, the sweet-but-stuttering Stevie, Kimberly soon tires of him and decides to destroy the relationship from within by being as cruel as humanly possible. When her tactics lead to Stevie’s violent death by his own hand, Kimberly embarks on a determined, but no less disastrous, venture in ‘unadulterated altruism’. Her soul hangs in the balance – will she ultimately spend eternity in the great TopShop in the Sky? Will she be reincarnated as a pampered greyhound or a deadly bacterium? Or will she be cast into the abyss, tormented endlessly by her past demons and her malevolent pet hamster Lucifer?This is the story of Kimberly’s redemption, or possibly her damnation: it’s up to you.

There are six different endings on offer.