Scream Street: The Spooktacular Joke Book


by N/A | Children’s, Teenage & educational
Published 07/10/2021 by Walker Books Ltd in the United Kingdom as part of the Scream Street series
Paperback | 128 pages

ISBN: 9781529503807 Category:


Get ready to laugh out loud at this frightfully funny joke book, based on the animated series of Scream Street.

How can you tell that Resus has a cold? He starts coffin.

What kind of music does Cleo like best? Wrap music.

Why did Luke get upset with a skeleton? He had a bone to pick.

Get the giggles with this ghoulishly great collection, featuring over a hundred jokes about vampires, zombies, witches and all of the scarily funny characters from the best-loved world of Scream Street.

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