Where To, Little Wombat?


by Fuge, Charles, Fuge, Charles | Children’s, Teenage & educational
Published 04/08/2022 by Walker Books Ltd in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 24 pages

ISBN: 9781529505771 Category:


Everyone’s favourite wombat is back! And this time, he’s going on an adventure…

Little Wombat loves to explore, and today he’s bored with his burrow and decides he wants a change of scenery! So he sets out to see what kind of homes his other friends live in. Koala, Frog and Mole invite him to live with them, but wombats can’t climb trees or walk on lily pads or live under rocks with the ants. So the ants lead him parade-style to a ‘great big nest nearby’, which is filled with eggs. Mrs Emu is not pleased. But none of them seem to be quite right for a little wombat, and it’s only once he gets back to his own burrow that he realizes there really is nowhere like it. There’s even room to have a sleepover with all of his friends.

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