Batpig: Go Pig or Go Home


by Harrell, Rob, Harrell, Rob | Children’s, Teenage & educational
Published 06/07/2023 by Walker Books Ltd in the United Kingdom as part of the Batpig series
Paperback | 240 pages, Full colour illustration throughout

ISBN: 9781529511222 Category:


Superswines, assemble!Gary Yorkshire and his friends, Carl the fish and Brooklyn the bat, are facing what might be their piggest mission yet: magical sharks – and summer camp! First there’s the sudden appearance of Sharkraham Lincoln (half shark! half president!), who sets off a major test cheating scandal. And then, at the worryingly named Camp Whomp-a-Pig, Gary’s hoping to finally get a break from superhero-ing, but a grumpy lake monster isn’t letting this sleeping pig lie.

Will Batpig ever catch a break to just relax and enjoy a tasty sandwich, and not have to save the world?The third book in a brilliantly funny and skilfully rendered commercial young graphic novel series, with two separate stories in each book.

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