The Whitby Trap


C M Vassie

Injini Press, 2022

Paperback, 336 pages

Fiction, Science Fiction, Adventure

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It is 2022. Derek is drowning in the dreary routine of his job, his love life, his friends, everything … and a weekend break in a Whitby cottage is just another reason to get drunk.

Waking up on a whaling ship in a snowstorm, with a hangover the size of Yorkshire, is a bit of a jolt.

While Derek is lost on the Jurassic Coast, his friends – Amy and Sarah – are desperately seeking him in the early 19th century. Even the simplest things are a struggle in a town where people work twenty hours a day to survive. With betrayals, double-dealing, wild experiments, piracy, love and loss for company, the strange duckfoot pistol in the hands of the eccentric snuff-snorting sleuth who breaks into their lodgings is the least of the women’s problems.

What exactly is happening beneath the old town hall, and is there any way back?

An epic time travelling action adventure by the author of the best-selling SCRAVIR – While Whitby Sleeps.