Michael Rosen’s Chats with Cats


by Rosen, Michael | Fiction & related items
Published 31/10/2023 by Seven Arches Publishing in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 80 pages, black and white with spot colour; black and white with spot colour

ISBN: 9781739330217 Category:


Michael Rosen’s two cats are popular on Twitter because he started sharing his conversations, (his ‘chats’) with them as tweets about a year ago. The cats generally have the upper hand and Michael has to put up with their demands. The tweets take on the format of small playlets with the cats speaking as one. They often disturb him working and just as often moan about their lack of food and his treatment of them. The illustrations that accompany the tweets will delight cat lovers and possibly the cats theemselves, althoughh they are somewhat vain so this is not a forgone clonclusion. Those who have similarly demanding moggies at home will no doubt treasure this book.

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