The Draftsman


by Lindstroem, Laurel | United Kingdom, Great Britain
Published 29/04/2021 by Unbound (Unbound Digital) in the United Kingdom
Paperback |

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Martin Cox is a brilliant but untrained draftsman in his early twenties. He is rich, damaged, obsessive.

Shadowhurst Hall, remote, desolate and forgotten, exerts a peculiar pull. The country landscape, a world of shades and shadows, both confuses and beguiles Martin, a man more comfortable in black and white, with facts and numbers.

As he explores the house, the landscape and its history it leads him on a journey – back in time to two world wars, and forwards, unexpectedly, towards a healing. A novel of memory and history, and of the scars left by unacknowledged damage and how they can shape us, The Draftsman is also a story of renewal.

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