Puppy Brain : A real underdog story


by Cooney, Jem, Finch, Jennie | Fiction & related items
Published 24/11/2022 by Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 282 pages

ISBN: 9781803812502 Category:


In a departure from her popular crime series, Jennie Finch has teamed up with her cousin, Jem Cooney, to tell the story of promises, hope and Woodstock, the little underdog who achieved extraordinary things. ‘Puppy Brain’ is the tale of two women who adopt the dog of an old friend. As well as taking Lucy, a Tibetan Spaniel, they also promise to honour his last wishes – for Lucy to have puppies and to train them to show. Although Liv and Petra are experienced dog owners, they are total amateurs in the breeding and showing world. They gather a small group of people around them from the dog showing community – the Puppy Brain group – and embark on a new and challenging course. Over several years, they face opposition and hostility from several sources as some in the insular world of dog showing try to drive them out, including Liv’s own sister.

Determined to honour their promise they persist, making new friends and allies in unexpected places as they aim for the ‘Big One’ – a place at Crufts.

Inspired by their mutual love and admiration for these lovely and tricky little dogs, Jennie and Jem shared stories and experiences to produce this novel, the first of three. ‘Puppy Brain’ is not a typical ‘fluffy dog’ story but it can amuse and inspire with its humour and its heart.

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