Channel Island Monsters


by Michaels, Erren | Fiction & related items
Published 30/10/2023 by The History Press Ltd in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 192 pages, 20 Plates, colour; 20 Illustrations, colour

ISBN: 9781803994727 Category:


The Channel Islands have a rich legacy of interwoven folklore, an antique tapestry full of faery creatures and mythical beasts. Here you will find fantastic adventures and fearsome fairytales, tall tales, horrors and high romance.

In this exquisitely illustrated compendium, Channel Island Monsters weaves a web of deliciously dark stories from centuries of fables and their fragments. The werewolves, mermaids, changelings and dragons may seem familiar, but there are also monsters which are strange and unique to the Channel Islands. La Vioge, La Cocangne, Le Belengi and L’Emanue are ancient creatures waiting to be rediscovered, with their eyes still shining and their claws still sharp.

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