Harutu Woman


by Zozaya, Paloma | Fiction & related items
Published 07/10/2021 by Victorina Press in the United Kingdom
Paperback |

ISBN: 9781838036089 Category:


Harutu Woman (white woman) is a portrait of the clash of cultures, a novel for our times. Selene arrives to work in Redencion, a Garifuna fishing village. There she meets Felipe, a native of the hamlet, and together with his young son they create a small family against all odds, in the midst of land conflicts and the drug trade. Their lives are marked by a fateful vortex that brings together the forces of nature and deeply rooted societal conflicts, in an Eden turned to hell: the Caribbean coast of Central America. In Redencion, everything is a continuum, the dead look after the living and the living live to appease the dead. As Felipe and Selene are caught in a dreadful re-enactment of an event from the past, they are helped to solve the riddle by the village medicine man, and by the ever present spirits of the ancestors. But will they also be able to pull through the dark forces that they have unleashed by defying cultural customs and conventions?