Thumbsucker : An illustrated journey through an undiagnosed autistic childhood


by Fricker, Eliza | Fiction & related items
Published 21/11/2023 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 128 pages, B&W

ISBN: 9781839978548 Category:


Spoilt. Weirdo. Fussy. Hypochondriac. Chatterbox.

Eliza spent her childhood being told she was all of these until her autism diagnosis as an adult revealed why she had experienced the world so differently. But what does it mean to grow up knowing you are different, misunderstood, ‘difficult’?Funny, witty and tender, Sunday Times bestselling author and illustrator Eliza Fricker, uses her own memories of growing up in the 80s to explore how neurodiversity presents itself in everyday life and what neurodivergent children really need from the people who love them.

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