Domestic Bliss and Other Disasters : Short listed for the 2021 Comedy Women In Print Prize


by Ions, Jane | Fiction & related items
Published 30/03/2021 by Bluemoose Books Ltd in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 250 pages

ISBN: 9781910422724 Category:


Sally’s son Dan has come back home from college after completinghis performing arts degree. He needs rent-free accommodation, friends,a love life, and somewhere to perform his arts. Sally herself is taking a career break from teaching English. She’stired of teaching year eleven pupils about the Mockingbird. Shewants to kill the bird and stuff it with all the redundant apostrophe’s’ she’s ever seen in twenty years of marking essays. She needs a rest. She does not need her adult son Dan, his current girlfriend, his previous girlfriend and his old school friend to move in and share her kitchen and their lives with her.

Sally could seek out her own friends to let off steam, but her friends prefer her to keep her steam to herself. They’re busy, and too much steam makes it difficult for them to see theirown problems clearly. Sally’s husband Bill is an ambitious politician. A tranquil, unexceptional home-life would work well for Bill and his career. In his line of work he needs unconventional domestic arrangementslike he needs ladies underwear in his briefcase. However, when Bill looks to his wife for her proper support, Sally does something outrageous …

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