The Scoop


by Walker, Cat | Fiction & related items
Published 19/03/2020 by RedDoor Press in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 320 pages

ISBN: 9781913062101 Category:


A wonderful tale of journeys, both geographical and emotional, that will keep you entertained at every turn… Cat Walker is a brilliant storyteller.

Zoe LyonsCasey Jones’s life is a mess. Her job bores her, her parents confuse her, and she has repeated nightmares about her ex-girlfriend. In a moment of madness she packs in her job and plans an adventure with her schoolfriend, long-time lad Danny. What she didn’t plan for was an extra passenger, in the shape of Danny’s estranged twelve-year-old son, Ari, who has problems of his own.

The three of them are thrown together for an intense rollercoaster ride in Alice – a converted bright pink ice cream van – through some of the most beautiful and dangerous places in the world, from Tulse Hill to Tibet.