Mother Sea


by Wilson, Lorraine | Fiction & related items
Published 18/05/2023 by Fairlight Books in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 352 pages

ISBN: 9781914148330 Category:


In an island community facing extinction, can hope rise stronger than grief?Sisi de Mathilde lives on a remote island in the Indian Ocean. With the seas rising, the birth rate plummeting and her community under threat, she works as a scientist, reporting on local climate conditions to help protect her island home. But her life is thrown into turmoil when she finds herself newly widowed and unexpectedly pregnant. When a group of outsiders arrive and try to persuade her community to abandon the island, Sisi is caught between the sacred ‘old ways’ of her ancestors and the possibilities offered by the outside world. As tensions rise and the islanders turn on one another, Sisi must fight to save her home, her people and her unborn child.

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