A Musical Offering


by Sagasti, Luis, Petch, Fionn | Fiction & related items
Published 21/07/2020 by Charco Press in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 117 pages

ISBN: 9781999368456 Category:


A lyrical celebration of storytelling, of childhood, and of the transformative power of music.

Tracing a circular course that echoes Bach’s Goldberg Variations , Luis Sagasti’s second book to appear in English takes the guise of a musical scheherazade, recounting story after story, vibrating to celestial harmonies. From the music born of the sun to the music sent into space on the Voyager mission, from Rothko to rock music, from the composers of the concentration camps to a weeping room for Argentinian conscripts in the Falklands, A Musical Offering traverses the shifting sands of fiction and history.

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