Trust In Trick


J. W. Horner

Wroxton House

August 2023


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‘Trust In Trick’ is the debut novel from
Middlesbrough writer and musician, J.W. Horner. Each book also includes a CD of songs from the novel.

A speculative, dystopian dark-comedy, it tells the
story of Eah, an executive at Trick, one of the two
remaining tech giants, turned global superpowers.
Trick built an all acquiring empire on the success
of a brain implant that combined Artificial
Intelligence and Augmented Reality to code the
human experience. Now, Terick, the founder of
Trick, long bent solely on global dominance, has a
new obsession: Eah. He has the power to propel
her career into dizzying new heights or shut down
her implant, deleting her from existence. Mac is a
struggling musician with a drug problem and Eah’s
boyfriend. He fears and hates Trick and has
dreams of insurrection. Torn between Mac’s
warnings of an AI apocalypse and the seductive
power and threat of Terick, Eah is faced with a
decision: Terick or Mac? Play God or fight back?