Middlesbrough – A Colourful Past


Paul Menzies

Destinworld Publishing, 2022

Paperback, 299 pages

ISBN: 9781838008680


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Middlesbrough author and BBC Radio Tees broadcaster Paul Menzies is adding colour to Middlesbrough’s past for the first time in a new, landmark history book on the town.

Middlesbrough – A Colourful Past, published by Teesside-based Destinworld Publishing, is a large format book which challenges the traditional style of local history books – most notably because all the pictures in the book are in colour for the first time, despite most dating from the 1800s.

With over 350 images, the book is printed in a large landscape format and covers themes such as the town’s historic (and lost) buildings, industry, wartime, important events, each with supplementary material such as newspaper clippings, advertisements, and maps. A veritable treasure trove for those who live in or know Middlesbrough well, and something to pass on to future generations.